Emotive Imagery Is My Passion

We've all been ingrained that a perfect picture image is one where everyone looks put together and is forcefully smiling at the camera saying "CHEESE". Although a few of those images are sprinkled into my sessions to make Grandma happy - they usually lack personality and connection! What if I told you that the photos you will remember for life are the ones that happen in between. The messy unpredictable reactions that occur when everyone forgets the camera is around. Like little Justin in the photo above - he was being his cute silly self and wasn't forced to sit miserably and look at me. What happened was complete cuteness as he interacted with me and mom and dad in the background had a moment together. He was oblivious that dad had major hat hair and mom was attempting to fix his uncooperative locks....all of this was so cute and funny at the same time! They will laugh at this memory 15 years from now when Justin is a teen and mom and dad are showing him his toddler days, wishing he was still they're little boy!

Your story is important enough to be professionally documented. A story of love, belonging and being known!